Autumn Bloom Mitts

Yesterday, I did a little photoshoot (that sounds very grand doesn’t it?  It’s not, I just went out with my Dad and a camera and tried to get a few pictures taken in between persuading passers by that we weren’t completely mad).

I can’t show you most of the pictures just yet, but I did take my Autumn Bloom mitts (by the very talented Rachel Atkinson) with me and we managed a decent picture of them at the end just before my Dad’s notoriously short attention span wore thin (he doesn’t really understand designing or why I do it, so there are only so many photos you can get him to take before he gets bored and a bit Victor Meldrew-ish).

Despite this I am grateful for him giving me a hand, because unless I clone myself I can’t model my knits and take photos of them at the same time (I suppose I could use a tripod and self timer, but then I’d get some even funnier looks!) and he can take good pictures as long as you give him very specific instructions!

Autumn Bloom Mitts by Rachel Atkinson

Autumn Bloom Mitts by Rachel Atkinson
Photo Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

I’m so pleased with these!  They were really fun to knit, I’ve already worn them loads and I used up some Mirasol Qina that had been lurking in my stash for ages.  I’m pretty pleased with the picture too actually – thanks Dad!

The mitts are Ravelled (is that a word?) here.

What have you been making?

Lottie x

16 thoughts on “Autumn Bloom Mitts

    • Oh gosh, you’re brave! I’m not planning any Christmas knitting this year, I’ve got a small sample for a design to finish and then a big fairisle sample to make for a deadline as well, so I don’t think I’ll get any time and I’ll only get stressed out about not finishing before Christmas Day.

      Good luck with your Christmas knitting! xx

  1. love the colour and they are so pretty plus they would love fab over black leather gloves to give that extra warmth 🙂

  2. These are lovely! Really pretty colour too. Funnily enough I’ve also got some finished gloves I want to blog about but the weather’s been too grey and gloomy to get out and photograph them, so you’ve done really well with these – your dad’s pics look great!

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