As rare as hen’s teeth…

Last Monday I achieved something I thought fairly impossible for me and finished two projects in one day!  When it’s not deadline knitting I’m not very disciplined – I think it’s a reaction to having three to four weeks or sometimes much less to make a sample and write the pattern and having to be very disciplined in order to get it done in between going to work, sleeping and eating.

(Stop laughing.)

The first was something secret-ish that I’d been working on for about a week:

Mystery project

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

I can’t tell you much about this at the moment, except that it’s made from Noro yarn, so the colours are gorgeous.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to show you more (soon might be two weeks or two months, as I’m fitting this in between other projects).

Once I’d finished this, I was on a roll, so I dug these out of my project bag:

Half-finished mitts

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

Remember them?  They’re the Louisa Harding Charm Mittens that I started for a KAL back in June.  Yes, June.  Shush!  Other things got in the way of finishing these in time for the KAL (which finished at the end of June) and they’ve been hibernating ever since, with just the thumb on the left mitten to do and a the seams to sew on the same hand.  (They were a bit further on than in this picture, but I just wanted to get them finished, so I didn’t take another picture until they were done.)

A little while later I had these finished too!  Yay!  (Only 5 months late.  *blushes*)  You can see them on Ravelry here.

Finished Charm Mitts

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

I really pleased with both my projects, but it’s been unseasonably mild over the past week, so I’ve not worn either of them yet.  But old habits die hard, so rather than being good and finishing some socks, I’ve now cast on a pair of mittens and a jumper (The latter of which, it has to be said, while coming on very quickly, is not going all that well.  I may have to frog and start again.  More on that next time – keep your fingers crossed!).  There really is no cure for startitis.  *sigh*

Are you a good little project finisher, or a reprobate multiple project starter like me?

Lottie x

17 thoughts on “As rare as hen’s teeth…

    • Yes, it does, I always get a buzz when I look at a finished project and think ‘I made that!’. A visual reminder of all you’ve achieved always provides motivation to make more things.

  1. I WILL laugh and I will not be SHUSHED! 😉 your gloves are amazing, I wish I could borrow them (is 30 degrees here today) and your mystery Noro – I want to know! I’ve never played with Noro so I NEED to live vicariously through you!
    Congrats on amazing work and amazing work ethic – let’s face it, you rock!

    • How dare you laugh?? 😛 I guess you mean 30 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise you’re being really nesh*! Noro is amazing colour wise but it does tend to come with plenty of free vegetation – I just try to think of it as proof that it started out on the back of a sheep, but some people really don’t like picking straw out of their yarn. I think they’re missing out! 😉

      *nesh means wimpy, can’t stand the cold (no idea if this is just a Britishism or not)

      P.S. I don’t rock, I’m much too shy for that and I find ACDC a bit loud ;P

      • Wow…were going with ACDC for rock? 😉

        I like veg matter, it makes me think of sheep out there doing sheepy things. Okay, not LIKE but not actively disliking. I just finished spinning the last of my fiber (OH NO! I’M OUT OF FIBER!!!) and it was wonderful and amazing and it smelled good and the veg matter just reminded me of my sheep – his name was Hansel:)

      • Well either them or Led Zeppelin 😛

        ‘Sheep out there doing sheepy things’ hmmm…. Following each other, scratching against fences and eating grass (and tree bark – don’t laugh, there are some sheep on my way to work who eat tree bark – I’ve seen them)? I love that you know the name of the sheep your fibre came from 😊 (Hansel! Is there a Gretel as well??) spinning is one thing I’ve not succumbed to yet – no room for a spinning stash as well!

  2. Well done! I always feel that I have many more projects on the go than I have finished ones, but in actual fact I have only three ongoing projects at the moment so that could be worse. I have a big project, a little project, and a present project that involves a bit of deadline pressure!

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