Something to keep me quiet…

… I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently, but for good reason.  I’m working on another new design at the moment and swatching, charting and sketching a few others in my spare moments (not many of those at right now) before I forget them.  That’s the trouble with ideas.  Sometimes one idea will turn out to be a jumping off point for several others and before you know it you have too many ideas to knit.  I always seem to get the best ideas when I don’t have the time to take them any further, but if I jot them down now, hopefully I can pick them up again when I have some time.

Before I go any further, I’d just like to thank you for your kind comments on my swirl shawl that I showed you last time 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it and I love reading your comments!

As usual, I can’t tell you anything about what I’m knitting at the moment, except that it requires yarn and several different pointy sticks!  You’ll have to be patient or use your imagination 😉

So what can I tell you about?  Well, not much really, but I can tell you about a re-release of one of my patterns from Knit Now Magazine, Glacier (if you missed it, you can read about the design process behind Glacier here):

Beaded Hat using drop stithc pattern

Glacier Hat from Knit Now Issue 16
Photograph Copyright Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing used with kind permission

I’m lucky enough to have had Glacier chosen as one of the patterns to be featured in a ‘best of’ bookazine for Knit Now called 70 Beautiful Knits yay!  (All the patterns in the bookazine have been previously published in Knit Now Magazine.)

If you’re looking out for it this picture might help (hat not included)!

70 Beautiful Knits

I’ve even got a picture of my design on the back cover – bottom right – (whoop, whoop!):

Look!  It's on the back cover!

You can get the bookazine on the publisher’s website here and in larger newsagents in the UK.

I will, at some point self publish Glacier on Ravelry, as I now have the rights to the pattern back, as well as the sample.  I’m not quite sure when this might be though, as I need to re-make the sample in a colour that makes me look less like a corpse (I’m too pale to wear this shade of blue, much as I like it and unless you know any willing models, muggins here will have to attempt to strike a pose)!  I’m also contemplating another matching accessory pattern to go with it (a shawl/shawlette/scarf perhaps?) to sell as an eBook as well as selling the patterns individually (the eBook would be priced cheaper than buying the individual patterns) – what do you think?

I’ve not done much self publishing before, so I’d really appreciate your views!  What do you like to see in downloadable patterns?  Let me know!

Lottie x

9 thoughts on “Something to keep me quiet…

  1. Congratulations on being included in the booklet! I have no advice about self-publishing a knitting pattern, but if you’re looking for ideas for a matching accessory, I would suggest fingerless mitts. As for what I look for in a downloadable pattern: something I will actually start soon; something that has yarn that’s available – so patterns that suggest various yarns are helpful; something that has plenty of good photos of the finished product.

    Thanks so much for your supportive comments on my blog. I tend to agree with you that people who have some personal experience of ME are more able to understand. Having said that, I was a little taken aback when a woman I know, who nursed her own daughter through 5 years of ME, challenged my daughter about her part-time school plans: “And what about some actual ACADEMIC subjects, will you not be taking English?” Grr! Luckily other people in the room suddenly changed the subject / picked up cups / coughed, so I don’t think my daughter heard! 🙂 (Sigh! Why can’t everyone be perfect?!)

    • Thank you for your advice 🙂 Fingerless mitts are a good idea. I was also considering other yarn options for all budgets – lots to think about!

      What an insensitive comment for that lady to make! I think it’s far better for the Dafter to start with something she enjoys and build from there if and when it is possible. There is no use in trying to do too much too soon as that lady should well know! xxx

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