In which I am a lucky recipient of woolly goodies

Sorry I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks!  The heat here has been sort of overpowering and energy sapping (for pasty pale Brits who aren’t used to it anyway) for the past two weeks and once I’m back from work I’ve had enough.  Also I’ve been swatching so I’ve not really got any knitting that I can tell you about.

Well ok, go on, I guess I can show you the yarn I’m swatching with.

Swatching yarn

Yes there are ten colours (some of them are underneath others in the picture, in case you’re counting).

No I’m not using them all at once.

We’re just starting to get all the new yarns in for Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 at work (not that the weather could be in greater contrast!) and I just loved some of the new colours (Turquoise!  Purple!  Cerise!) in Rowan Fine Tweed and as it comes in 25g balls it is perfect for colourwork, so five colours made it home with me on Tuesday.

Then I did some charts for colourwork ideas on Wednesday (my day off), ten ideas to be exact.  And I decided I needed some more colours.  So I got five more colours on Thursday.  I’m going to have to narrow down the ten ideas though otherwise I’ll never finish swatching!  Whether or not I will be happy with any of them when I have swatched is a moot point.

It’s cooling down slightly now, but it’s still quite muggy and horrible.  It is just me, or do you like the idea of a summer until it actually happens, at which point you just want it to go away?  I’m probably just weird, but 20°C and a little bit of cloud would suit me just fine.  Anyway, enough whingeing!  Onwards!

Working at a yarn shop (Stash Fine Yarns – I’m a lucky girl!) I’ve got to know a lot of knitters, some of whom have become good friends.  One of those is the very talented Sarah who blogs at Woodlandknitter who made me this amazing hand felted yarn bowl for my birthday recently:

Yarn Bowl

Isn’t it fab!  I love the way the yarn comes out through a little flower, revealing the yellow fibre underneath.

Yarn Bowl

It even has little holders for your stitch markers!

Yarn Bowl

And there was even a little bit of yarn inside it (Manos Del Uruguay Maxima if I’m not mistaken – yes I am a yarn nerd):

Yarn Bowl - inside!

I’ve never had a yarn bowl before so I really love this :).

Thanks Sarah!

Happy knitting everyone!

Lottie x

5 thoughts on “In which I am a lucky recipient of woolly goodies

  1. Wow that wool is really beautiful! And your wool bowl is also very lovely. Both useful and beautiful – the best combination. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make from that yarn.

    I’ve just finished packing up my extensive collection of yet-to-be-used yarn for our house move, and when I read your post title, I thought, I could do a post like that when I unpack my yarn!

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