Too hot to knit mittens!

As I type it is just cooling off here, but it’s still far too hot.  Why?  Because we’re having what passes for a heat wave here in Britain.

(Prepare to laugh if you live somewhere consistently hotter)

Let me explain.

In Britain, summer tends to be a bit wet, cold and possibly windy – to me a nice warm day is 18-20°C but 16°C or lower and cloudy is not uncommon, so relatively, anything close to 30°C seems unpleasantly hot.  We’re just not built for it.  All my childhood summer holidays in this country were spent wearing cagoules at some point (even though some of them were beach holidays).  (Although there was that summer where it was so hot that there was a plague of ladybirds and you couldn’t go to the beach before 5pm or you’d be burnt to a crisp – but that was very unusual!)

Today it’s been 28°C and it’s not dropped below 26°C most of the week.  Urgh.

Consequently my enthusiasm for knitting anything vaguely wintry is at an all time low.

Observe the evidence:

Half-finished mitts

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

Yes, those are my Charm mittens.

Yes, they were being knitted as part of a KAL (knit-a-long).

Yes, the KAL did finish at the end of June.

Yes, you’re right, they are not finished.

No, that is not an out of date picture.

Yes, I am aware of the date.

Yes, circumstances did conspire against me, but this last week they haven’t, I’ve just not been in the mood.

Yes, it is too hot to knit mittens.  (I want to knit something light and lace weight and summery – not really sure what though – but I’m forcing myself to finish these first.)

Maybe I’ll get motivated over the weekend!  Wish me luck!

Lottie x

16 thoughts on “Too hot to knit mittens!

  1. It is the same here in Ireland and I’ve been knitting small and quick items although socks and tea cosy’s I’m not sure are light and summery considering they are for keeping toes or tea warm ! Hmmm I may have to re -think that lol. Totally get the summers and not being built for the heat, our summer isn’t a summer unless we have 6 dyas of rain and one of drizzle 😉

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! I’m fed up of this heat! I’ve got a bit further with my mittens but I might wait until the heatwave is over before I finish them!

      Lottie xx

  2. I hope you’ve cooled off a bit by now, Lottie! You’re very disciplined not to start a summery project. Those mitts are very beautiful, though.

  3. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment – WordPress isn’t cooperating for some reason. I hope you’re a bit cooler by now, and I think you’re very disciplined not to start a summery project. Those mitts are really beautiful, though!

  4. I’m having trouble leaving comments – these are lovely mittens but I agree a bit too hot to knit in warm weather! I think you should switch to a summery project.

    • I think I might (everyone seems to think the same, so I feel a bit less guilty about that now)! I’ve been having trouble commenting on other WordPress blogs too, I’m using the WordPress app so I thought maybe it was that. It seems to treat replying to comments left on my blog differently though, as those are fine. Weird.

      Lottie xxx

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