Things I learnt from Blog Week

I learnt quite a lot from blog week. Participating was a bit of a last minute decision for me and I’m really glad that I did try it! I don’t think that I am a natural blogger, but I’m definitely improving. So what did I learn?

  1. Less is NOT more. More is more when it comes to posts. More posts = more followers/likes/comments πŸ™‚
  2. Infographics can be fun!

    Venn diagram

    Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

  3. I like bad jokes. *blushes*
  4. I have a strong urge to name posts after puns based on songs from my youth/teens. A spectrum of colour was very nearly called Five Seven Colours in her Hair Stash (but you can’t use strikethrough on titles:(). This tells you several things: a) my rough age, b) I like music that makes me happy, not music that is fashionable, c) someone bought me Memory Lane: The Best of McFly for Easter (and I now have several earworms) and d) I like bad puns. Do you see a pattern emerging?
  5. I can use photoshop (a bit) to produce something tolerable.

    House of Chameleon Crest

    Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

  6. Chameleons are easier to draw than I thought!
  7. Free time and number of posts written are inversely proportional to one another.
  8. I knit far too much blue and turquoise.Wagtail Hat crownRosaleen Shawlette Holden Shawlette edging
  9. I am very indecisive.
  10. You lot are really nice and friendly!
  11. I actually enjoy blogging – and I never thought I would.

Lottie x

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