Just in time for summer……

I’ve finished my blanket/throw!

Cozy Blanket

The pattern is Chunky Bramble Throw from Hand-Knit Your Home by Melanie Porter which was featured in Knitting Magazine Issue 115 (last month’s issue) and I think it is both one of the largest and quickest projects I have ever made!  It took just 3 weeks in between other things and was a really relaxing project to knit.

I liked this pattern as soon as I opened the magazine, but then I like lots of things in magazines and I don’t have time to make all the things that I like!  I often open a magazine and get an urge to make all the things (unless it is an issue that is full of slouchy garments – that recent trend really doesn’t suit me).  So liking something like this is no guarantee that I will actually make it.

But this time it was different!  I remembered that I had twelve skeins of Araucania Limari lurking in my stash that I had been intending to use to cover a massive floor cushion, until I was met by project inertia and never got started.

I left it a week to see if I was still just as enthusiastic about it while I finished some other things (I don’t need any more WIPs), decided that I was, turfed all the Limari out of it’s storage box and got started.  I got through two and a half balls in an evening!  Brilliant!  Best of all this sort of project is perfect to knit while watching Casualty (a soapy medical drama that’s on TV almost every Saturday night on BBC1 in Britain – it’s sort of comfort food in TV form – we like to try to spot the overly obvious plot device) so it offers optimal enjoyment!  😀

Cozy Blanket

I did make quite a lot of modifications to the pattern.  The recommended yarn (Rowan Big Wool) is a bit thicker than the yarn I used, so used 12mm needles (the pattern recommends 15mm) and I cast on enough stitches for three more pattern repeats (which the pattern helpfully tells you how to do) as otherwise the throw would have been too narrow.  Then I just knitted until I had used eight of my twelve balls (I only had about 5cm left after casting off the bramble stitch section).

I saved four balls to knit a garter stitch border around the edge as without it the blanket would have been too stretchy and as unruly as an excitable puppy trying to run on a lino floor (it really did have a mind of it’s own).  This isn’t the fault of the pattern at all, more due to my choice of yarn and needle size (Limari is made of merino, alpaca and silk so it drapes more than the recommended Big Wool).

I added the garter stitch border on both the long sides first, then on both the short sides in a sort of log cabin-ish-but-not-quite way. Each side took just one ball.  I have about 2-3 metres of yarn left!  Stash Busted!  Yay!

I’ve made a lovely cozy blanket……. just in time for summer…….*sigh*

Have you made any stash busting projects recently?  Are they out of season?

Lottie x

6 thoughts on “Just in time for summer……

  1. A beautiful stitch that’s created such a cozy looking blanket. I’ve just finished a baby blanket (I’ll post pics on my blog soon). It took me just under 4 weeks to crochet.

    • Ooooo! That sounds nice! I’ll keep a look out for it 🙂 Glad you like the blanket but I can’t claim any credit for the choice of stitch pattern – Melanie Porter’s work is amazing – she upholsters furniture using knitted fabric!

  2. That looks beautiful to use and very nice to make. I’m still working on my ever-increasing-Granny-square crochet blanket. Whether it’s out of season is debatable in Scotland!

    • Thank you! With the weather here recently I thought it would never be out of season here either, but just as I finished it spring arrived and we had the warmest weekend of the year!

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