A spectrum of colour

What are your favourite colours?

Mini Skeins

Are they the same as the colours you tend to knit with?  Or do you opt for choices that are more practical?  Perhaps the colours that you like best don’t suit you?  (I don’t mind yellow, but it doesn’t suit me, so I don’t knit with it for myself.)

My favourites are turquoise and purple, and I quite like bright colours.  I also like red, coral, pink, blue and green.

Time to see if that is reflected in what I have made recently!


Runa Hat

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013


Wagtail Hat crown

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

Holden Shawlette:

Holden Shawlette

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013


Rosaleen Shawlette

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013



Photo copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

Gosh!  Isn’t there a lot of turquoise!!  I seriously need to knit with a greater variety of colours 😮 to be a true Chameleon!

I have lots of different colours in my stash, but I think that recently I have been trying to knit up WIPs and newer purchases, so I’ve chosen yarn on the basis of fibres and weight (according to what I want to knit) rather than colour.  Overall my finished projects (including those made longer ago and not photographed) do show a greater variety of colour, but still stick to my favourite shades.

My stash seems to best represent my favourite colours – maybe it’s time to knit some of them up!

Lottie x

5 thoughts on “A spectrum of colour

  1. Such beautiful creations! I find that my leftover yarns are often blues and purples, with some greens and pinks. I’m crocheting a blanket from my stash and I was surprised how similar a lot of my wools were in colour.

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