‘Venn’ do you have enough yarn?

Please excuse the dreadful pun above, but as some of you may recognise (if you were paying attention in maths at school) this post contains a Venn diagram.

Wait!  Come back!  There’s no more maths (and my Venn diagram certainly has no statistical basis).

Promise 🙂

Venn diagram

Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013

The eternal question for all knitters and crocheters (usually asked by other despairing and/or long suffering and non-crafty family members) is ‘Don’t you have enough yarn?’

Apart from the obvious answers of:

‘You just don’t get it do you?’



or the more long winded

‘But I want to make a purple/blue/turquoise/teal/green/yellow/orange/red/pink/grey/black/cream/white sweater/cardigan/hat/shawl/scarf/mittens/socks/stuffed merkat in lace/4ply/doubleknit/worsted/aran/chunky/superchunky yarn and I don’t have any/enough of that in my stash!’

there isn’t really an awful lot that you can say.  They wouldn’t understand because they don’t knit or crochet.

They won’t understand that yes, you bought that nice DK yarn in the sale that’s not quite enough for a sweater, (but isn’t it a nice colour and you never know what you might use it for, and it was such a bargain!) so you can’t use it for the chunky cabled jacket you’re now coveting from the latest magazine or that beautiful laceweight shawl on Ravelry that everyone is making.  To them it’s all just yarn, and you already have lots of it, so why would you need some more?

This is why so many of us have huge stashes.  Sale bargains.  Yarn you bought to make something that you’re not so sure you like any more.  Yarn you haven’t knitted up because you’re still trying to finish that pesky sweater and those mittens.  (While you’re slaving away on the sweater you’re probably coveting lots of other projects to cheer yourself up, so more yarn finds it’s way in there too.)

When you think about it the Venn diagram isn’t really about knitting at all.  It could just as easily represent ambitions (in pink) and life expectancy (in blue) with the overlapping section representing the ambitions you will be able to fulfil.  Ambitions are what keep us going.  Having something to aim for is very important.  It keeps us motivated.  Something common to non-knitters as well.  Perhaps our stashes aren’t so hard to understand after all.

Lottie x

21 thoughts on “‘Venn’ do you have enough yarn?

  1. I actually have this large cardboard container full of yarn, which doesn’t even hold all that I have, and I really don’t have anything that can make much more than a beanie or a headband.

  2. ooh, that made me laugh so much! Maybe knitterns need a card with explanations, similar to a medical card, so when the question is asked, one can simply pull it out and make those-who-don’t-understand read it?

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