WIP Amnesty Part 2: Finished again!

The Marathon finishing spree continues with something that hasn’t been on the needles quite as long as the last project was.

This is Wagtail by Louisa Harding from her recent book of accessories Mr Magpie which I was lucky enough to get signed by Louisa when she visited Stash last September as part of her Himalayan Hiking Hats fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support (do spare a moment to look at these pages if you can).

Wagtail Hat crown

I’ve only had this on the needles since about October or November, so by my standards not so long!  This was one of those projects that I started and then had to leave in order to knit new designs, so I didn’t stop this because I was bored.

Wagtail Hat welt

I really enjoyed knitting this.  As with all of Louisa’s patterns it was fun to knit, and the stitch patterns flow into each other in a very pleasing way, right from the mock cable rib, through the lace pattern, to the mock cables at the crown.  You can tell that this design has had a lot of thought put into it.

Wagtail Hat pattern transition

Oh and the yarn is beautiful.  The colour!  The beads!  The sheen!  The silky texture!  The colour!  (Can you tell I love the colour?)

It’s knitted in Louisa Harding Grace Silk Wool and Grace Hand Beaded in a beautiful sapphire blue (Grace shade #11 and Grace Hand Beaded shade#013).

Wagtail Hat lace

I love the combination of the Grace and Grace hand beaded in the same colour.  There are just enough beads to give a little sparkle, but not so much that it distracts from the lace pattern and with the coordinating colour of non-beaded Grace, you can space the beads out more.

I really enjoyed making this, and I loved using these yarns so much that I am already planning another project in these yarns.  I really like Louisa’s unashamedly feminine style and I have a few of her books, so watch this space.

One more WIP to finish and then I will allow myself to start one new project 🙂

Keeping score

No. of WIPs now (assuming I really did have 7 to begin with): 5

No. of FOs (Finished objects): 2

Next time…….fairisle!

Lottie x

All photographs Copyright Charlotte Walford 2013


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