Move along please, nothing to see here….

…..well, there are things to see, (and I would love to you to see) but I can’t show you them at the moment!

Marvin has a sweater, but as I decided to make up a fairisle pattern for it, as the sweater in the book was too simple (i.e. perfectly adequate for anyone without a burning and unnecesary desire for fairisle) – and Marvin deserves only the best 😉

Basically I made a small stuffed meerkat an overcomplicated fairisle sweater (sanity anyone?), which turned into an idea for an overall repeating pattern (which I am swatching), I can’t show it to you, because it might become a design.  *sigh*

As for my main project at the moment, that is completely classified, so all I can show you is this:

New design hiding in a project bag

No peeking!
(Photo copyright Charlotte Walford 2013)

It is in there…….no peeking!

Lottie x

P.S. For those who want to know, the project bag is by the fabulous Nicsknots (how could I resist knitting sheep??)

One thought on “Move along please, nothing to see here….

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