In which all will be revealed……..

Ok, so maybe that is a little ambitious…….don’t expect the meaning of life to be revealed or anything like that, but…………

………………..I’ve finished my mystery knitting!  Yay!

So, meet Marvin the Meerkat!  (Yes, that’s his name….he seemed to acquire a name even before I’d finished making him…..don’t ask)

Marvin the Meerkat!

Meet Marvin the Meerkat!

Marvin is made from the meerkat pattern in the irresistible book ‘Knitted Meerkats’ by Sue Stratford (published by Search Press) and my version is knitted in two strands of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in shades #652/Mud and #658/Fudge for the body (one strand of each, held together to give a slight marl effect), which is a darker colour than the Debbie Bliss Angel in the book, because I thought it looked more realistic.  As a result I chose a darker brown for the eyes, ears and tip of the tail (Debbie Bliss Angel#15024/Mocha) to contrast with his sandy coloured body.

I knitted him pretty much as per the pattern, although I did swap some decreases for alternatives in the interest of symmetry (I’m fussy) but this is by no means necessary.  I also used little silver lined beads for his eyes rather than black, simply because that was what I had to hand.

I spent ages trying to get his features right and sew on his legs evenly (not my favourite bit) but it was worth it.  His eyes were a bit of a faff though and I think if I made another I would knit little circles for the eye patches, rather than the squares that the pattern instructions give you, as you only have to make them look circular when you sew them on later.

Isn’t he cute?  I think all the faffing was worth it 🙂

Marvin the Meerkat!

Have you got my best side?

So, to the winners of the competition.  Thank you all for entering!  As nobody guessed correctly I have decided to give the prize to the two people who guessed that it was an animal before I revealed that was the case in ‘Can you guess what it is yet – final clues’ those people are andresue (who has a lovely blog here) and woodlandknitter (who has a lovely blog here) – you should both receive an email soon, congratulations!

Lottie x

Hmmmm……..Marvin looks a little cold……..perhaps I ought to make him a jumper?   

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